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Happy Birthday Wishes – Quotes – Messages to wish your best friends or family members very special happy birthday. 

Birthday comes one’s in year and everyone want to celebrate it with lot of happiness.

So this Happy Birthday wishes can make someone’s day special. So be the reason to someone’s smile.

Here in this post I am sharing best happy birthday wishes to wish your best friends, brother, mom, dad, sister, daughter or son a very special happy birthday.

Here is the Best Happy Birthday Wishes & Messages list

Are you looking for the best happy birthday wishes, quotes and messages then here are some happy birthday wishes to wish your loving ones a very special happy birthday.

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  •  You are my whole world..And I want to become a King of this world..!! 


  • I was with you, I am with you and I will be always there for you..!! 


  • You know what? Your birthday is festival for me..!! 


  •  Hey, finally the special day comes..Let’s make it more special..!!


  •  Hey champ it’s your birthday..Make it so special and memorable..!! 


  • You are my true inspiration..My support system..Happy birthday..!!


  • Hey buddy ,it’s your birthday..Let’s celebrate like one of the memorable party..!! 


  • Today you are going to started the new year of your life..So god gives you lots of success and priceless happiness..!! 


  • Please don’t be change stay fantastic as you are..Happy birthday dear..!!


  • May God gives you Happiness – Prosperity – Solution – Longevity – Benefit Health Blessings..!! 


  • On this day to make all your dreams come true! Today’s birthday is a precious gift for you..Wish you happy birthday..!! 


  • The day is special, Every dream in your eyes and mind comes true and get the way to reach the goal…Have a great life..!!


  •  I hope your special day will bring fantastic success on your feet. Enjoy your day and have amazing celebration..!!


  • You should continue to celebrate the peak of excellence, whenever we look after our good wishes.!!

Best Happy Birthday Wishes Status 

Celebrating birthday is like making their birthday very memorable and happy. Some people used to send happy birthday wishes to the birthday person is like making their day special.

  • You may have a load of happiness..Priceless and endless sweet memories..!!


  • I know one of the fantastic and amazing person in the world..!! 


  •  You may got all the success & happiness..which you can’t imagine and you have never thought..!!


  •  You are my true inspiration and my true legend..Stay blessed and enjoy your life..!!


  • I am the luckiest brother who have sister like you..You are the best sister in the world..!!


  •  Happy birthday my dear sister..You are the best sister in the world..!! 


  •  It’s your birthday.. Pleasant moment..Keep blissful..Stay blessed..!! 


  • Every day should come with happiness,Every night should come with beautiful dreams, Flowers should raining on the steps you have taken..!! 


  •  All the pearls of the sea of desire will be yours,your loved ones will be close to you..Make this special day memorable and enjoyable..!! 


  • On this wonderful day, God bless you with lots of Enjoyment and Celebrate Your today’s special day with happiness, Get lots of Surprises..!! 


  • Every Goal of Life is Clear..You Get Success..Without any Fear,Live any time without any tear..!!


  • Today again the day came..Let’s again dancing and singing..Let’s do the again party..!!

Inspirational Happy Birthday wishes & SMS

Here you will get the inspirational happy birthday wishes to wish your inspirational friend, mom, dad, or any other person who inspires you.


  •  We live in the heart of you, that’s why suffers every pain ,no one wishes you before us,That’s why i am wishing you in Advance  HAPPY BIRTHDAY..!! 


  • You may get Love every moment,Happiness in every moment of life..Happy Birthday dear..!!


  • We give it on your birthday..This duo, will meet together,will never separate, we will give our life together,we will give our life to you, this is our intention..!!


  •  My heart is praying that stay always happy,Do not get any sadness wherever you are,Your heart is deep like ocean,Always be full of happiness..!!


  •  With whom you feel complete your life..You always have that person..Have a fantastic birthday dear..!!


  •  Every moment should be smile on your lips..You should be unaware of every sadness..!!


  •  Your name will be on every peak of hope on every step of walk World  will salutes you be Courageous to face every problem..Just pray that your time will be your slave one day..!!


  •  What should I gift you..Should I send gold or silver Tell if there are precious stones But who himself a diamond..what should i gift you..!! 


  •  Every new day should come and bring many successes and great happiness in your life..!!


  •  This is the prayer to God on this occasion that he will keep you alive on the path of life, with glory, austerity, progress, ideal, health, fame and prosperity..!!

Unique Happy birthday wishes & SMS 

best happy birthday

  • Keep Smile on your face and just blooming..You remain top in every test of your sweetness in life..Happy birthday with best wishes.


  • May God Gives you honor, Love, success.. A blessing of happiness.


  • Happy birthday..Stay healthy, stay fit..Get the highest goals of life..Good luck.


  • It’s feel lovely and special than regular days..Which we do not want to spend without you…By the way heart always gives you blessings..Still wishing you very very Happy Birthday..!! 


  • Forget past.. Always move towards Future..The most important thing in life is that you keep on moving forward.


  • May God keep you happy..My heart should pray this..Your lips smile forever,Your heart always keep laughing.


  • On your birthday, you find love today..On your birthday, you have a lot of fun today..your may blessed with happiness today..Just keep on laughing and enjoying today.


  • On This Special Day, All the joy you can ever have..Be Blessed Abundantly Today..Tomorrow and the Days to Come..may you have lovely birthday.


  • Rising sun will give you blessings..Flowers blooming you..We are not capable of giving anything..May God give thousands of happiness.


Best Happy Birthday Wishes Messages to Everyone


  • Thank God..!!You  Gave me the best person in the world.


  • This is what I pray..There is no grief in your life..Thousands of happiness on birthday..We may not be included in them.


  • You’re relieve..You are long life..This is my wish..For your future life!!Happy Birthday wishes to you Dear.


  • Given life with your love..Your birthday is a bit more special..To live a new life with you..The mind has a beautiful hope.


  • You celebrate the birthday of all people..But, there are some of those birthdays which are celebrated while celebrating..The mind is lost in a different world..Just like your birthday Congratulations.


  • Today is your birthday..Growing every day..Your achievement, your knowledge and Make your fame grow..And beyond the comfort level..Keep coming in your life regularly..


  • Our wishes!!This moment of birthday Let a festival be celebrated..Good luck .. enjoy your day..Warm Wishes.


  • 365 days of the year..30 days of the month.. 7 days of the week..And my favorite 1 day..That’s my brother’s birthday..I wish you a very very happy birthday.

Beautiful happy Birthday Wishes & Quotes


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  • I wish you the happiness..That happiness is in your step..May God give you all of that..The thought which you have in the dream.


  • Good day comes thousands of times in your life..And we Every time wish you special prays for you.


  • Stay illuminated between thousands..Blooming you among millions..Stay Blessed in Billions.


  • Today is special for us..May you have a lofty life..Be successful, be eager..With many blessings –Happy Birthday wishes..!! 


  • We live in your heart..Therefore, every pain suffers..No one likes you before, do not you..Therefore, it is called Happy Birthday.


  • Take some special blessings of life..Take some visions on birthday..Fill the color which make you complete..Take that beautiful blessings on your special day.


  • New fragrance new joy..Every moment of production should come And with new pleasures, new glory Happiness should be attributed to it..This is your good wishes for the birthday.


  • At this step of life..Let the new dreams of your new world grow..Let your desires take your aspiration a tall lion..Our only wish in mind is to give us a tricky life..Best Happy Birthday wishes to you.


  • Your prosperity should not be the edge of the ocean.The blossoms of your happiness should always be blossoming and your life should be a priceless ideal.


  • May your every Dream comes true..And all the happiness you may got,Whenever you ask for a star of the sky..So God give you all the sky.


  • May always your life Blooming like flowers..May success touch your feet’s everyday Lots of love and blessings for you.


  • Every laugh should bring smile on your lips..You should be unaware of every..stay always with that person..With whom you feel complete in your life.


  • Every day of the new year..Along with happiness, prosperity and happiness..When God will share happiness..there should be big happiness for you.


Inspiring Happy Birthday wishes messages & Quotes

happy birthday wishes

  • May you enjoy and success in your life..Let your life be blossomed like a flower..Keep your fragrance in your life..This is God’s prayer for your birthday.


  • Relationship of our love increase Day by day..On your birthday You should be in the shower of my wishes.


  • On this special birthday you should make all your dreams come true..Today’s birthday will make a precious reminder for you And that memorabilia should make our life more beautiful..good luck..!!


  • Wishing a very happy birthday..To one of the wonderful person and my inspiration! Stay blessed.


  • You are the person with whom I laugh, fight, and cried most..So don’t leave me alone, stay forever with me..Have a wonderful day dear.


  • So this single sentence is enough for your Your birthday gift I Love you So much and i would like to spend whole life with  you..!! Stay blessed.


  • Your birthday is special, Because you are our inspiration..This happy and prosperous family,,You are the only true person..Happy Birthday to Dad..!! 


  • I am so lucky that I have friend like you You are not only friend but you are the Most important person in my life.


  • Happiest birthday dear,Have a wonderful and successful future ahead.


  • Happy birthday my dear friend you may get lots of success in your life.


Best Happy birthday Wishes For best friend girl


  • Without you my life is incomplete, I am astray, so you are my soul Happy Birthday to You my love.


  • This is the day to tell that you are a very special person. Happy birthday wishes to you dear.


  • This is my wish, that you live up to 100 years. happy Birthday.


  • I can not tell you how happy I am on your birthday.


  • I want that, when you get out of the house today, the whole world celebrates your birthday. Today you get all the happiness.


  • Before you, my life was very happy and when you came, my life became rock. 


  •  Today, I can not say anything because today is your birthday and you have to give a big party to all.


  • I felt like today like normal day, but when I remembered that today is your birthday, then this day seems a bit special.


  •  There is no gift in the world that can not be given to you. But I have nothing except than giving the blessings.


  • Although we fight and quarrel everyday, but today is your birthday, I would like to hug you and wish to have a birthday.


Happy birthday wishes images


If you are looking for birthday images with wishes and quotes to wish someone on their special day.


Here I am giving you birthday wishes images to share on Facebook and any other social media platform to wish them on their very special day.

happy birthday wishes images with quotes for lover

This image you can share with your girlfriend or wife to impress her or making her day special.




If your best friends birthday is coming and you are looking to wish them, then you can send this image to your best friend.

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Best Happy birthday wishes for brother


Brother is the one with you have the best childhood memories and best moments of life. 

Your brother is one with whom you fight, quarrels and spend some beautiful childhood memories.

here I am sharing some birthday wishes for brother to wish your brother a very special happy birthday.


  • You are the person who always stands there for me in my bad and good times.


  • Hey bro, It’s your special day make it more special & wishing you good health and happiness.


  • There is no one who can stand for me in my bad & good times. Thanks for being in my life.


  • My brother is my real life hero.wish you happy birthday bro..!! 


  • Hey you are my true inspiration and my motivation to live a happy life.


  • I am lucky to have brother like you in my life. Have a wonderful day..!!


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Best Birthday Wishes For Sister

Sister sometime’s play our second mother’s role. She is one who support us in our good and bad situations.

happy birthday sister wishes images

I have some ideas to wish your sister on her special day. So wish her on special day and make her day enjoyable and remarkable.


  • You are so sweet and gorgeous my sister, stay as you are..!! Happy birthday Sister.


  • Thanks for loving, caring, inspiring & understanding me. wish you best ever Birthday sister..!!


  • May you receive the load of happiness and good health. Happy Birthday My Sister..!!


  • No one knows me better than you, You are the one who understand me better.


  • I will always there for you in good or bad times. Happy Birthday sister.


  • You always pull me out from every trouble and bad situation. Happy birthday my gorgeous sister..!!


  • Wishing my wonder women happy birthday who always care and loves me.


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Best birthday wishes for mother


Our mother is our god and she is the only person who loves you without expecting anything from you.

Here you can collect the best birthday wishes and quotes for mother.


  • He is the most special in the life of every human being,Even while away, she is near the heart. Happy birthday Mom.


  • Mom is first teacher and she is first friend. She is the reason to live happy life.


  • Thank god, for giving me such a wonderful mom. Happy birthday mom..!!


  • Here I am wishing my first love very special happy birthday.


  • My mom is god for me,thanks for being in my life.Wishing my wonderful mom happy birthday.

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Happy Birthday wishes for father


Hello everyone, here you can collect the best birthday wishes for father or dad. He is simply our hero and the one who loves you most.


If your dad’s birthday is coming and you are eagerly waiting to wish them.Then here you will get the birthday quotes for your dad.


  • My dad is my real life superhero..Happy birthday dad..!! 


  • You are my legend and my inspiration.I learned lot from you..!!


  • Thank God, You gave me worlds best ever dad..!!


  • You are my support system and reason for happiness..happy birthday dad..!!


  • My dad is my best friend, thanks for caring, loving, and being in my life..!!


  • Hey Dad, I never told you before How much I love you. You are my motivation and true inspiration.Happy Birthday father..!!

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Happy birthday wishes for your Son/Daughter

If you are blessed with beautiful princess or cute boy and you are waiting to celebrate your baby’s birthday.

birthday wishes for daughter

Then here you can collect the best birthday quotes and messages to your little princess and prince.


  • Dear little son, Doesn’t matters how much you will grown. you will always remain my little charming & smart boy.


  • We are so lucky to blessed with little beautiful princess in the world. Have  best birthday little baby..!!


  • With love, good health & lot of happiness wishing you best birthday my kiddo..!!


  • Wish you happy birthday to our biggest source of joy and happiness.


  • Wishing my handsome and smart son a very special happy birthday.


  • Whenever I see you I feel like proud parent.wishing my gorgeous princess a very special birthday. 


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Birthday wishes for Husband

If you want to wish your husband on his very special day & want to make his day very memorable and special.


then here I have some romantic,funny,impressive happy birthday wishes for husband then don’t forget to share this happy birthday wishes.


  • My heart started beating for you, my breath started smelling. Dreams came true to me, you changed my life.


  • Happy birthday to the king of my life. Loving the journey of life with you.


  • Living life with you is one my dream comes true and it’s a magical time of my life. Wish you happy birthday dear.


  • I hope you feel my love doesn’t matters how far we are, still you are closed to my heart.


  • I am grateful, you came to this world and became my life partner. Love you so much hubby.


  • Wishing my best friend, my crime partner, my lover, husband a very special happy birthday.


  • You are honest, loving, caring, selfless husband. I am lucky to have you in my life. Happy birthday my love

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Birthday wishes for Girlfriend

If you want to make your girlfriend happy on her special day & wanna make her day very special.

Are you looking to wish your girlfriend on her very special day then here I have romantic, cute happy birthday wishes for lover. 


  • Happy birthday to my love, thanks for being in my life.stay blessed and happy.


  • Wishing my wonderful life partner and soul a very special happy birthday.


  • I am lucky that I have soulmate like you.Happy birthday dear..!!


  • Thanks for every moments we spend together. Wish you happiness and lots of love.


  • You are the reason I am happy and loving this journey of life. Stay together forever.


  • On this special occasion wishing my superhero a lovely happy birthday. I love you so much.


  • Today is special day and give me chance to make it more special. Happy birthday my love.

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Happy Birthday wishes for wife

Wife is the most loving thing in any married person’s life. wishing your wife with romantic birthday wishes is like making her day very special.

Bring some happiness and love on your wife’s life and let her know how much you love to her and care for her.


  • My life was black and white before I met you now you fill beautiful colors in my life. Happy birthday my love.


  • I am so grateful to have soul mate like you in my life. Love you so much my dear. Happy birthday.


  • Your birthday is so special to me because on this day my dear wife came to this beautiful world. Wish you happy birthday.


  • I am so blessed because you chose me to spend whole life with you. I love you dear.


  • Hey dear, you are not only my wife, but you are more than my life. Happy birthday my sweetheart.


  • I cannot imagine life without you, you are mine support system. Wishing you wonderful day dear.


  • You are the only person with I can travel the whole world and want to spend whole life. Happy birthday my wife.


  • Every day I feel special with you but today is the day of celebration because it’s my wife’s birthday.


  • You are my heartbeat, I cannot live without you. Stay forever mine. Happy birthday my darling.

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