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Birthday wishes for brother: Hello everyone, If your brother’s birthday is coming and you are looking for birthday wishes for brother to wish your brother a very special happy birthday.

Then here I am trying to give you birthday wishes for younger brother, elder brother, heart touching birthday wishes for brother and many more.

Heart touching Birthday wishes for Brother

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You are pride,inspiration,motivation and ideal person for me,Happy birthday brother..!!


I learned lot from you & every day you taught me how to live happy life..Happy birthday my lovely brother..!!


You are a very good person and brother in this world. I am proud that you are with me so far..Happy Birthday my brother..!!


I want that, when you get out of the house today, the whole world celebrates your birthday. Today you get all the happiness. Happy birthday my brother..!!


From my childhood till today, the time I spent with you, all those moments are in my heart. My brother i want to wish you happy birthday..!!


My brother god fulfills your every wish that has not been completed yet.Happy birthday my brother..!!


I consider myself very lucky that you consider me as a best friend, not your brother. Best wishes on this special day..!!


Today is your birthday and this day comes only once a year. My brother congratulates you on birthday..Best birthday wishes for brother..!!


My brother, you seem to be more beautiful than ever before, it is because this is your birthday today..!!


Today is your birthday celebration, I want you to do whatever you can do. Happy birthday Brother..


There is new responsibility on everyday. I hope that you can succeed in fulfilling these responsibilities.


There is no one who can say a friend to his brother. But I am one of those people who can say that my brother is my good friend. Happy birthday my brother.


When God created the world..One thing must be nervous..How will I take care of such a cute dolls..then he would have made brother for everyone.

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My brother is a person who is making feel proud of to our parents. Happy birthday to my dear brother.


Doesn’t matters your age increase day by day..You will be my dear brother as much as you like. Best birthday wishes for brother.


I am blessed to have a brother like you because you know how to face the challenges and encourage the people. happy Birthday my brother.


You are not only brother but also caring father for me..Best Happy birthday wishes for brother..!!


There is no one can replace you, stay amazing as you are..Happy birthday brother..!!


From childhood till today we have spent all the time together and I hope that we will stay together even further. Happy birthday brother.


You are my friend too, you are my support,You are also the only person in this journey of life.Best birthday wishes for brother.


I will pray that happiness, achievement and respect in your life will come. Happy birthday to you.


My brother I have spent every moment with you,it was happy and crazy. Congratulations to my dear brother on birthday.


My brother, both of us have felt a good day and a bad day and I want to see the world together again. Happy birthday Brother.


Sometimes I think that, if I had a sister, how good it would be, but then I thought that you are more than a sister. stay blessed. Wish you happy birthday brother.


I do not care tomorrow, what will happen tomorrow. I worry about today because today is your birthday. God bless you..Happy birthday my brother..

Happy birthday wishes for brother & Quotes, Messages


God gives gifts to everyone, but it is not possible to have a gift like my brother in the fortune of everyone.


On the occasion of Brother’s birthday,Erases all the distances,Forgetting all the fights, Just remember one thing..I love you lot my brother..Happy birthday.


When I remember those days, I get happy from inside,No matter how far we are, Still we are best friends..Happy Birthday My Lovely Brother.


The success i have got is just because of you,You were always behind me and supported me..Happy birthday my brother..!!


Whenever I got upset, you gave me a whisper..And stay behind me in every situation..Thanks bro, love you so much..Wishing you very special happy birthday..!!


Hey Brother,You live a thousand years..Every time you get success too..You get shower of Happiness..This is what I pray repeatedly..Happy Birthday Brother..


I wish you the happiness,That happiness is in your life,May God give you all of that,The thought that you are in dream..Happy Birthday Brother..!!


I pray to God,Wishing your happiness from bottom of my heart..All your dreams and goals should complete..Happy Birthday Brother.


You would think we all forget,But I remember your birthday..Sending best happy birthday wishes for brother.


You would think we all forget..But I remember your birthday..Happy birthday my dear brother.


Your name will be on every peak of success..Your every step will be the salutation of the world..Happy Birthday Brother.


All the pearls of the sea of desire are yours..Your loved ones are always close to you..Wish you happy birthday brother.


This is the date this month when this date came..I lovingly decorated the birthday..On every moments write the name of friendship.



the auspicious occasion of birthdays,What gift do you offer? Just accept it, Millions time love you..


Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother from sister


On this birthday, you get so much love, respect,And your life met with happiness..God bless you.. always keep on loving …Best of Luck bro..!!


On the occasion of your birthday..You get success in every every celebration becomes the enjoyable..Happy Birthday  Lovely Brother..


I have been waiting whole year for this special day..So that I can treat you a birthday..And I can tell you how much we all care about you..happy birthday my dear brother..


On the occasion of your birth..A lot of congratulations..God will give you every pleasure, this is my prayer..Every moment is filled with your happiness..And the solution is just success in life..


Yes, I am the most lucky person in this world..because I have a loving brother like you..Happy birthday brother..


Today again the day came to dance and sing..I had asked to God for a brother..But he gave me a Diamond..Happy birthday  brother..


Thank God very much..Brother like you given to me..Wishing you a wonderful happy birthday brother..!!


My brother, thanks to be my support in every double my every happiness..Happy birthday brother..


Brother is special person in life,Life is sad without him,I never said but,brother is very important in life,happy birthday brother.


The laughter of my lips is because my brother,The happiness in my eyes is because my brother,My brother is god for me,Because all happiness of my life is because of my Brother..!!


You are the support of every difficulty in my life,take care of me all the time in life..


Dear brother,this birthday should bring success and happiness for you..Happy Birthday Brother..

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother


Hey bro, There is no one clever like you, well no one stupid like you..Wishing you crazy and amazing happy birthday my brother..!!


I have never seen stupid like you..well you were crazy too..Happy birthday my bro..!!


Whenever I think about you then I get angry at you because you tell everything about me at home. But then I have to laugh because it can be done only by brother..Happy birthday Brother..!!


Well, I know one of the stupid and stay as you are,wishing you happy birthday my bro..!!


You are the perfect example of stupid human I have ever met..Kidding, wish you happy birthday brother..!!


Oh, today is your birthday so I will have to ask for money from my father, to buy a cake. happy Birthday my brother.


I wish to congratulate my mother’s second child on birthday. Salute my brother on behalf of the year Happy Birthday..


My mother and my father made you together that’s why you are my brother. Happy birthday to my brother..


Today is your birthday and you may celebrate & enjoy. But do not forget that you are getting old. Happy birthday my brother..


My mother’s favorite child, is celebrating birthday today. There is no need to be sad but it’s time to celebrate. Happy birthday..


You will get all the happiness of life,Just do not forget to give us a birthday happy birthday wishes for brother.

Inspirational birthday wishes for brother

Here you can collect Inspirational happy birthday wishes for brother to wish him remarkable happy birthday.


There is a star in the sky that much you live life..Every happiness you may  get..On this special day, i am praying to God..stay blessed and live happy life..


My heart is praying for you…Success Strike your steps…And you are always successful in life..


Maybe, both of us have spent less time together but my brother should know that I always respect you. Happy birthday my brother..


My brother I never said, I always wanted to be like you. Today is your happy birthday brother..!!


When I see you, I feel kind, intelligent and passionate about you. Happy birthday to such a brother..


Although we fight and quarrel everyday, but today is your birthday, I would like to hug you and wish to have a birthday..


I wish you good health, you grow up wiser and smarter. Happy birthday to my brother..


You are undoubtedly a human but you are a good brother and friend from my perspective. Brothers like you are meeting everyone. Happy birthday my brother..


We both grow up every year but still you will be my brother. happy Birthday my brother..


I feel fresh and new every day but today is a special day because today is your birthday. happy Birthday my bro..!!


I cannot tell you how happy I am on your birthday. Happy birthday my dear brother..!!


You can be older in everybody’s eyes but you are still my dear brother in my eyes, which can never be old. Happy birthday..!!


Thank god for this day..I am lucky to have brother like you..Happy Birthday Brother..


Hey brother, You are rare and i am so glad to have you in my life as my best friend, my brother and my support system.

Brother is our best friend, sometimes crime partner in fun and sometimes our father or teacher. So on his special day share these happy birthday wishes for brother with your bro.



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