Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband – Romantic, Funny Messages


Happy birthday wishes for husband: Here in this post you will get the best happy birthday wishes for husband & some romantic birthday wishes.

We have brought you a beautiful collection of romantic happy birthday wishes for husband. These birthday messages and specials birthday wishes will definitely help you to reach your heart’s point of view.

Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband

Birthday comes once a year, so a few days before it all starts preparing for it. If your husband’s birthday is coming then here is collection of the best happy birthday wishes for husband.


So let’s read it and send some happy birthday wishes for husband & birthday messages for husband from our collection on the occasion of your husband’s birthday, and open your heart to talk.


  • My heart started beating for you, my breath started smelling. Dreams came true to me, you changed my life.


  • Happy birthday to the king of my life. Loving the journey of life with you.


  • Living life with you is one my dream comes true and it’s a magical time of my life. Wish you happy birthday dear.


  • I hope you feel my love doesn’t matters how far we are, still you are closed to my heart.


  • I am grateful, you came to this world and became my life partner. Love you so much hubby.


  • Wishing my best friend, my crime partner, my lover, husband a very special happy birthday.


  • You are honest, loving, caring, selfless husband. I am lucky to have you in my life. Happy birthday my love.


  • I can proudly say that you are the number one husband in the world. Stay amazing as you are dear.


  • You the king of my world & hero of my life. Happy birthday dear hubby.


  • I want to become the queen of your world. Wish you load of happiness dear.


  • You are the reason of my smile and happiness. Happy birthday dear husband.


  • When I get married to you it was the greatest time of my life. Always be mine dear. Happy birthday.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband from Wife

Whenever someone’s birthday comes, everyone prepares for him but when a married person has a birthday, it is a very special day for his wife.


If I am right then you have come to this blog with the same motive. If you have reached here, then believe that you will not disappointed here because in this blog, you will get the best happy birthday wishes for husband.


  • Hey dear, I am yours and be forever mine. Love you so much dear.


  • No matters how I fight with you, I will love you from the bottom of my heart. Happy birthday.


  • You are so special to me because you changed my life completely. Have a fantastic birthday dear.


  • On this special day I want to let you know how much I love you and care for you. Love you dear.


  • Having such a wonderful and loving husband in life is one of my dream come true. Happy birthday to my sweet husband.


  • I am enjoying and loving the dream of being wife of such lovely husband. Wish you happy birthday dear.


  • I am thankful to have handsome, dashing, macho & cute hubby like you. Happy birthday my love.


  • Every morning starts with you and night ends with you, happy birthday my love.


  • Happy birthday to the coolest husband and my best friend. Have sparkly birthday dear.


  • Thanks for believing in me and caring me like child. Wish you happy birthday dear.


  • You are not just my husb
    and but best friend who always cares me like child. Happy birthday.


  • Hey honey, you are growing older, but for me you will be always my dashing and lovely hubby. Love you so much dear.

Sweet Happy Birthday Messages for Husband

Are you looking for sweet happy birthday wishes for husband then here you can collect the sweet happy birthday wishes for husband.


  • Thanks for making me perfect and responsible one. You are my teacher, my lover and dearest husband.


  • Every day my love for you is increasing. Happy birthday my love. Don’t change stay as loving as you are.


  • Let’s celebrate the birthday of most handsome and wonderful person. Happy birthday dear.


  • Hey honey, you are my whole world. Wish you happy birthday my hubby.


  • No one is as sweet as you. I am so lucky to have sweet hubby like you. Happy birthday my love.


  • Today is the special day because my lovely hubby came to this earth. Have a memorable birthday my love.


  • Every morning when I see your smile, I get energy and happiness for whole day. Happy birthday my husband.


  • You may get all the success and achievements in your life. Have a fantastic birthday dear.


  • Your birthday brings joy and happiness in our family. Happy birthday dear.


  • On this occasion remind all the memories we spent together.


  • I promise you doesn’t matters how we fights and quarrel with each other, I will always love you dear. 


  • Your kind heart and energetic smile makes my day. Have an amazing birthday.


  • You are pure treasure that I got in my life. Happy birthday hubby.


  • You made me happy and perfect, it’s my time to make your birthday memorable one.


  • Hey hubby, I don’t want anything from you. Because you are most valuable gift for me.


  • Dear hubby, you are the most valuable gift of my life. I cannot imagine life without you. 


  • I am very lucky to have dashing, loving, handsome and hottest husband in my life. Stay blessed and have wonderful day.


Impressive Happy Birthday Wishes for husband

Wish your husband & impress him on his very special happy birthday & share this happy birthday wishes for husband & make his day memorable.


  • My love for you growing day by day, finding new reasons to love you. Happy birthday my husband.


  • Wishing happy birthday to the king of my heart and man of my dreams. Have a remarkable birthday my man.


  • I don’t have words to describe how much I love you. Happy birthday dear.


  • I wish you on this special day, I pray that you blessed with every desire of your heart.


  • I found someone kind, charming, loving, caring, humble, dashing, handsome & stylish. 


  • Life without you seems like boring and sad. When you are around me I feel special and happy.


  • Your presence in my life made me responsible and loving women. Simply you made my life.


  • I am grateful that god gives me the chance to become your wife. I am enjoying the journey of my life with you.


  • Hey sweetheart, it’s your special day, wish whatever you want from me. Have a great birthday.


  • Thank you for being with me in crime and in every situation. Happiest birthday to you dear.


  • You are the perfect husband, perfect father, perfect person who always love his family and bring more happiness in family.


  • Most loving husband and most caring life partner, here I am wishing my dear hubby a very special birthday.


  • Marrying to you is the best decision I have made in my life. Thanks for everything dear.


  • I want you in my every dream, in my every happiness and my every success.


  • Happiest birthday my support system. Thanks for being by my side in every situation. Happy birthday.

Funny Message & Happy Birthday Wishes for husband

You can collect here funny happy birthday wishes for husband to wish your husband a very special happy birthday in funny way.


  • My dear husband, it’s your birthday, don’t came late today. I have something special for you.


  • Hey it’s your special day. So I have cleaned the entire house now it’s your time to make yummy dinner for us.


  • Dear hubby you are now older, so it’s better to take rest rather than celebrating.


  • Hey sweetheart, you are so lucky to have such beautiful wife. Happy birthday my man.


  • I know, I am the only best thing that happened in your life. Wish you happy birthday.


  • Sometimes I look my man and think that “you are so lucky hubby”.


  • The strength of any husband is “how kindly he loves to his wife” happy birthday my man.


  • Another year passed, another birthday “I don’t think you look older”.


  • Hey honey, on this special day I want to give you big surprise but tell me where is your pocket?


  • On this special day don’t forget to give us big party. We are waiting don’t come late today. Happy birthday my man.


  • Hey dear, you are one year older now I am not making age related jokes today. Happy birthday my young and dashing hero.


  • Hey hubby, you are the best thing that I have ever got in my life. Happiest birthday my love.


  • You gave me happiness, love, respect, trust and positive mindset. You may have wonderful life ahead.


  • On this special day I wish you good health, success knocks your door & people get inspired by you. Happy birthday dear.


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