Birthday Wishes For Lover – Romantic, Funny, Impressive, Emotional


Birthday wishes for lover to wish your boyfriend, girlfriend or loving one’s a very special happy birthday.

Wishing your loving one’s on their birthday’s is like making their day special and bringing some smile on to their face.

Here I am trying to give you all unique, emotional, romantic, impressive and funny birthday wishes for lover.

Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes for Lover


Sending romantic birthday wishes to your lover is like making your love bonding strong and relationship more romantic.

Hey, Here you can collect romantic birthday wishes for lover, boyfriend, girlfriend or your beloved one’s.


  • Happy birthday to my love, thanks for being in my life.stay blessed and happy.


  • Wishing my wonderful life partner and soul a very special happy birthday.


  • I am lucky that I have soulmate like you.Happy birthday dear..!!


  • Thanks for every moments we spend together. Wish you happiness and lots of love.


  • You are the reason I am happy and loving this journey of life. Stay together forever.


  • On this special occasion wishing my superhero a lovely happy birthday. I love you so much.


  • Today is special day and give me chance to make it more special. Happy birthday my love.


  • You are the person who makes me smile in every situation. Don’t change stay beautiful as you are, Happy  birthday dear.


  • You are the precious gift that I have ever got. wishing you happiness and love.


  • May this day be as sweet as your smile and as wonderful as you are. Happy birthday. Love you dear.


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Emotional Birthday Wishes for Lover


Love means emotions, respect, care, understanding between two souls. Wishing your loving one’s an emotional birthday wishes is like making your relationship strong.

Here is the collection of best emotional birthday wishes. Send this wishes to your lover or best friends whom you love most.


  • My life becomes interesting and beautiful when you came in my life. Happy birthday my love.


  • Every day starts with you and ends with you. I can’t imagine life without you. wishing you happy birthday my love.


  • Happy birthday to my love, you are the one who is perfect addition to my life. Have a wonderful day.


  • When I see your smile and eyes, I feel lucky to have you in my life. Happy birthday sweetheart.


  • Your beautiful and careful arms is the place where I want to spend my whole day today. 


  • Your smile makes me happy and your eyes makes me mad, wish you happy birthday my love.


  • I am so glad to have such a caring and loving person in my life. I love you so much.


  • If life had pause button, I wish to stop every moments that I spend with you. Wish you happy birthday my love.


  • My love for you increase every time i see your smile. stay beautiful as you are..!!


  • No one can make me more happy than you. thanks for making my life beautiful dear. Happy birthday 


Happy Birthday Love Quotes for him


Sending love quotes to your loving man,boyfriend or best friend on their happy birthday is like making their day very special.

If you are looking for quotes to wish your boyfriend or your best friend then here you can collect the best birthday quotes.


  • Wishing special happy birthday to my man..!! Meeting you was wonderful thing happen in my life.


  • For the most handsome and smart boyfriend here i am wishing a very special happy birthday..cheers, have a blast..!! 


  • Sending an ocean of love to my most loving man, my life and my love. Happy birthday..!!


  • For the most loving and caring boyfriend in the universe wishing a wonderful and fantastic birthday.


  • When you holds my hand and when you took me in your arm that feeling i cannot express in the words. stay forever with me dear.


  • Happy birthday to my love and amazing man in the world. I can’t imagine life without you.


  • Your smile,eyes and laugh make me more happy and gives me energy to stay happy.


  • Happy birthday to the hottest and handsome person. May you get the best gift today.


  • You are special person to me and having special place in my heart. Love you so much dear.


  • You made me strong and give me joy, happiness and best ever moments in life. Wishing you happy birthday my love.


Long Birthday Messages for Girlfriend


Your girlfriend is special person in your life. she care for you, loves you and does anything for you. 

Sometimes she becomes your mother, sometime best friend and sometimes she becomes wife which take care of you like child.

If you really love her and you wanna make her happy on her birthday. Send this beautiful birthday wishes for lover.


  • You are my angel and I can’t believe you as my girlfriend. Thanks for being in my life. Happy birthday my love.


  • Thanks for all the love you have given to me. you made my life more beautiful. Wish you happy birthday dear.


  • I really love you and wanna spend my whole my life with you. Happy birthday sweetheart.


  • Every time when i see you, i fall in love with you and your smile and eyes makes me mad. 


  • Happy birthday to my love who take care of me like my mom. Thanks for being in my life.


  • Happy birthday my sweetheart and I wanna gift you best thing which makes you more happy.


  • On this special day I wanna make each and every moments special today. Happy birthday my angel.


  • Happy birthday my queen, I wanna become the king your life. Love you so much dear.


  • Hey dear, thanks for introducing me meaning of love. stay forever with me, love you so much.


  • Today is special day and I wanna make it more special to make my queen happy. Happy birthday my love.


Funny Birthday Wishes for girlfriend


Be ready to share funny birthday wishes to your girlfriend and make her day memorable and special.

Before anyone send her best birthday wishes share this funny wishes to your girlfriend and do not disappoint her.


  • Happy birthday cartoon who entertained me whole you so much..!!


  • Happy birthday my sweet babe you may get funniest gift ever..!!


  • I know one of the craziest and funniest person in the world…!!


  • Hey birthday girl, I know how forgiving you are, let me know you today is your birthday..!!


  • Don’t worry dear your age is younger than next birthday.. wishing you memorable birthday today…!!


  • Hey birthday girl, today is your special day. Don’t forget for birthday party.Happy birthday dear..!!


  • It’s your birthday today enjoy your life and eat as much as you can..!! 


Impressive birthday wishes for girlfriend


If you wanna impress your girlfriend or best friend on her birthday then here you can collect the best birthday wishes for lover to impress your girlfriend.

This impressive birthday wishes you can share with your lover to make her day special and memorable.

  • When you came in my life you enlighten my dark life with joy and happiness. happy birthday dear..!!


  • I can’t believe as you are my girlfriend,I hope your birthday will be as wonderful as you are. love you so much dear..!!


  • Behind my success and happiness you are the reason..Happy birthday dear..!!


  • Happiest birthday wishes to my sweetest and cutest girlfriend. may this day bring lot of success and happiness in your life..!!


  • Happy birthday to the most gorgeous and cutest girl on earth. Thanks for being in life. I love you dear.


  • I am proud to be your boyfriend and lucky to have you in my life.Happy birthday my love..!!


  • Happy birthday to the lady who cares me and loves me most. May god bless you..!!


  • You are purely treasure and inspiration to me. i simply say that you are incredible. happy birthday dear..!!


  • On this special day let me know you how much i love you..wishing you very special happy birthday dear..!!


  • Hey dear, you have special place in my heart.I will always love you..happy birthday my love..!!


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