Happy Birthday Wishes For Mom- Happy birthday Mother Messages


Happy birthday wishes for Mom: Here you can collect the best birthday wishes to wish your mother a very special happy birthday.

On this occasion of your mother’s birthday, read this post today and choose a good quote and send it to your mother.

We know that you cannot write your own quotes or wishes, that’s why we have prepared this post for you.

Top 10 Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

If you want to wish your mom on her special day & want to bring some happiness or smile on her face then here I have some top 10 happy birthday wishes for mom.

The most unlucky are those who grow orphans. They can understand the importance of the mother, so friends, respect your mother and never do any rudeness in her beauty.


  • In this world there is a one & only court where all sin is forgiven & that is “mother”…Happy Birthday to the Best Mother in the World.


  • The way fragrance looks good in the flower. Like I love my mother …God bless her and keep my mother happy.


  • Happy birthday to you mom, I cannot explain in words that you have given me the best feeling of being special.


  • Mother, you are my best friend and the greatest confidant. I would not be happy if you were not my mother! Happy birthday.


  • Mother, you make me realize that there is always someone around me, thank you! Happy Birthday!


  • I can forget the whole world. But can’t forget that love. Which you have showered on me. I love you so much.


  • Your love is my hope, your love is my faith. Happy birthday my Mom.


  • Today, on this beautiful day, I pray this, that your coming days will be full of happiness.


  • On this special occasion I wish that god blessed you with sweetness & happiness in your life. You enjoy happiness all the time!


  • Mother, you are my life. No one can replace you in this whole world. Wishing you happy birthday mom.


  • You have been always special to me and our family. You are the source of our happiness. Wish you very special happy birthday mom.

Deep Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

Mom does everything to make you happy and she is the one who loves you more. So it’s your time to make her day very special and memorable.

Here are some deep happy birthday wishes for mom to wish her and let her know how much you love her..


  • You are my first teacher, my adviser, my well-wisher. Happy birthday mom.


  • I was born so lucky. Had a fortune to mother like you. Wishing my beautiful mom a very special happy birthday.


  • You are light to the happiness and joy to our family. Happy birthday Mom.


  • You are the best mom in the world. Happy birthday Mom.


  • I am so lucky to have supermom like you. Wishing my wonderful mom very special happy birthday.


  • Happy birthday to my support system that always believes in me and appreciates me.


  • When I was child, I always used to look you as example in every decision of my life. Happy birthday mum.


  • Thanks for being adviser and teacher that helped me to become successful in life.


  • Thank you for encouraging me, supporting me mom. You are the one who always there for me. Happy birthday to you.


  • On this special occasion I wish you the happiness which never last in your life. Happy birthday dear mom.


  • Greeting on your special day, thank you mom making me perfect, wish you wonderful happy birthday.


  • Hey mom, I want to say something on this special occasion. I love you so much and will love you forever.


  • I am your biggest fan and well-wisher. Happy birthday mom.


  • Happy birthday mom, on this special day I want to let you know that I am nothing without you.


  • Mom, no one can take your place in my heart. Thank you for being by my side. Happy birthday mom.

Birthday Messages for Mother from daughter

On her special day share this happy birthday wishes for mom and bring smile on her face.

Here are some happy birthday wishes for mom from daughter to wish your Mom best ever birthday.


  • You bring happiness, joy, fun and love in our family. Wishing my supermom very special happy birthday.


  • You are so beautiful, strong, kind & loving. Thanks for everything mom. Have a sparkly birthday today.


  • I know you are growing older every year, you took care for me from my childhood and it’s my time to give you the best moments in life.


  • I hope you will get warm wishes and love on your special day. Happy birthday mom.


  • When you look back to your past I hope you will get the best memories to share and to bring some laugh on your lips.


  • Thank you for the endless memories that you gave to me. Love you so much mom. Happy birthday.


  • Your kind heart, caring arms, loving style and many more amaze me, how did you manage to handle naughty child like me. Happy birthday mom.


  • You are still beautiful, gorgeous, kind after all these years. Wish you happy birthday to my stunning mom.


  • I never told you before, but I really & truly love you. I am grateful to have wonderful memories with you in my childhood. Happy birthday mom.


  • Thank you mom for everything you gave me and every time I asked for something you fulfilled it. You are the best mom.


  • Hey Mom, you are my true role model and my motivation. Wishing you very special happy birthday.


  • You gave me confidence that helped
    me to become responsible person. Happy birthday mom.


  • Here I am wishing my first love, my role model and my world. Have a remarkable birthday mom.

Happy birthday Mom Whats-App Status

Sending birthday wishes on birthday’s is the best way to make someone’s day special. If you want to make your mom happy then wish her with beautiful wishes and spend some time with her.

Here I am trying to give you all the happy birthday wishes for mom to share on Whats-app or Facebook. Don’t only share this birthday wishes with your mom but try to spend time with her.


  • I wish you happiness, joy, love, health, prosperity on your special day. Happy birthday my mum.


  • The reason behind my success and happiness there is only you. Without you I couldn’t achieve anything. Happy birthday mom.


  • Hey mum, thank you for bringing me in this world & caring me whole life. I wish you endless happiness and love.


  • Wishing my god, teacher, best friend, adviser a very special happy birthday.


  • To the most loving & caring mom wishing fantastic happy birthday. Have a remarkable birthday dear.


  • On this special day I want to pray life time happiness and good health. Happy birthday mom.


  • I want to see your happy face and beautiful smile every day. Happy birthday mom.


  • Hey mom, you are the only person who loves me without expecting anything from me. You are the reason of my happiness.


  • Hey Mom, you are priceless gift for me. Happy birthday mom.


  • On this day, I hope you get everything that you wish. Have an amazing birthday.


  • Thank god, you gave me the best mom in the world. Happy birthday mom.


  • Wishing you happy birthday as sweet as your love & as beautiful as you.


  • Hey mom, no one loves me more & no one understands me better than you do. Happy birthday.


  • You are my true inspiration and motivation. Love you so much.

Happy birthday wishes for Mom & Quotes

Happy birthday wishes for Mom & Messages to wish your mother on her very special day & bring some smile on her face.

Here are the happy birthday wishes for mom don’t forget to read this happy birthday wishes for mom and share with your mother.


  • Hey mom, you did everything to make me happy. It’s my time to make you happier lifetime.


  • Having caring, loving, best mom like you is my fortune. Happy birthday mom.


  • My dream is to grow up and become like you. Thank you mom for every support & advice that helped me to achieve my dreams.


  • You made our family strong, happy. I proud of you mom. Love you so much.


  • Thank you for giving me all the happiness, love and many more all these years. You are great mom. Happy birthday.


  • I cannot explain in words how much you are important for me and how much I love you. Wishing you lifetime happiness and good health.


  • Mom you have the biggest heart, thank you for keeping me in it. I will always fortunate to have mom like you.


  • You are the reason behind strength & happiness of our family. Thank you mom for your love and support. Happy birthday mom.


  • Your heart is bigger than ocean; your love is more than sky. Happy birthday my mom.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom


Mom is the first and best teacher in the world who gives you the best lessons in life. She is the one who never expect anything from you and loves you more than anyone in the world.

Here are the best happy birthday wishes for mom. Do not forget to share this happy birthday wishes for mom with your Mother.

  • Happiness is having caring, supporting, loving mom like you. Wishing you stunning happy birthday mom.


  • On this special day, I wish that your all the desires and wishes comes true. Have a fantastic birthday mom.


  • Doesn’t matters how much I grow up, I will forever your little kid. Happy birthday my sweet mom.


  • Hey mom, I want to gift you something special on this special day. May god gives you happiness and love.


  • You are the person that taught me the exact meaning of life. Thank you mom. Happy birthday dear.


Share this happy birthday wishes for Mom with you lovely mother and be the reason for her smile. Don’t forget to share this happy birthday wishes for mom post on Facebook or any other social media.


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