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Happy birthday wishes for sisters,Quotes & messages to wish your gorgeous sister a very special happy birthday.

Sisters plays different different role in our life. sometimes she becomes our mother, sometimes our best friend and sometimes she becomes teacher.

Share this happy birthday wishes for sister and bring smile and happiness in your sisters life.

Happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes, Messages for Sister

Send happy birthday wishes for sister and birthday quotes and messages to wish your beautiful sister very special happy birthday.

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  • Good friends will come and go, but a sister is always our best friend..Which Never let you leave alone.


  • You are so sweet and gorgeous my sister, stay as you are..!!Happy birthday Sister


  • Nobody understands me better than you, I am so lucky that having caring sister like you..!!Happy birthday wishes for sister.


  • I have many friends but no one is like you. You are so caring and loving. Wish you happy birthday sis.


  • Thanks for loving, caring, inspiring & understanding me. Happy Birthday sister..!!


  • May you receive the load of happiness and good health. Happy Birthday My Sister


  • No one knows me better than you, You are the one who understand me better.


  • I will always there for you in good or bad times. Happy Birthday sister.


  • Wishing my beautiful Sister a very special happy birthday. You may have joyful day..!!


  • You are my best friend, inspiration and mentor. Wishing you very happy birthday sister..!! 

Inspirational Birthday Message for Sister

Sister inspires you while you growing up and she is the one who teach you best lessons of life.

Here you can collect inspirational birthday wishes for sister to wish your cute and gorgeous sister a very special happy birthday.

happy birthday wishes images for sister

Sister inspires you lot while you are growing. She plays an important role in your life.

Doesn’t matters she fight or quarrel with you she will always loves you and support you in your bad times.  


  • Dear sister, when I am with you I feel always happy and lucky. Happy birthday!


  • You always pull me out from every trouble and bad situation. thanks for being in my life dear sister..!!


  • Thanks for inspiring, protecting me and being caring sister for me. Wishing a wonderful sister very special happy birthday..!!


  • Wishing my second mother & wonderful women on this planet a very special happy birthday..!!


  • Happy birthday to my inspiration & motivation. Happy birthday my sister..!!


  • No one can replace you, stay crazy as you are. Happy birthday to beautiful sister..!!


  • Thank God, for giving me most precious gift as wonderful sister. I love you so much dear..!!


  • No matters how much I fight with you.Still I love you more than anyone. Wish you happy birthday dear..!!


  • Happy birthday to my wonder women who always care and loves me. Happy birthday sister..!!


  • On this special day, I wish you lifetime happiness and good health. Have a wonderful year ahead.


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Emotional Birthday Wishes for Sister

Sisters are very naughty, funny or sometimes emotional. She is the one who supports you in your good or bad times.

Here you can collect the best birthday wishes for sister to wish your sister a very special happy birthday.


  • You get all the happiness of life, Just do not forget to give us a birthday party. Happy birthday, God bless you sister..!!


  • God bless you all your desires, Whatever we pray for you, it will be fulfilled at the same time. Happy birthday sister.


  • My sisters sometimes fight with me, even quarrels with me, But without any words, she has the ability to understand everything. Happy birthday my sister.


  • Our beautiful relationship has beautiful memories, I feel lucky because the world’s sweetest sister is mine.


  • Be happy every moment, Be beautiful every day, stay blessed whole life. wishing you special happy birthday..!!


  • God cannot be everywhere so he made mother, And mother cannot be with us all the time, So they made sister!


  • We are fortune, who
    have a sister like you! A sister is teacher and also a friend!


  • Sisters are a symbol of happiness, care and love. Happy birthday my sister..!!


  • Sisters are like the beautiful butterflies that lives in garden of life.


  • Happy birthday gorgeous, I am lucky for the magical time that we spend together. 


Birthday Message for Younger Sister


  • It’s so great to have beautiful sister like you in my life. wishing my lady a wonderful happy birthday..!!


  • Wishing my gorgeous and beautiful sister very special happy birthday.


  • Hey sis, it’s your birthday make it more beautiful and memorable. Happy birthday sister.


  • Let’s celebrate birthday of most wonderful and most loving sister. Stay blessed dear.!!


  • Happy birthday to the most styling and wonderful girl. Stay happy lifetime.


  • You are precious gift I have ever got. You may get all success in life.Happy birthday wishes for sister..!!


  • Happy birthday to the colorful person who fulfills my life with beautiful colors.


  • Hey my cute and little princess you are the reason our family is so happy.


  • Hey sis, do you remember how we used to fight in our old days? Wishing you happy birthday on your special day.


  • Sometimes we fight, quarrel but in the end it finish like the best friends. Happy birthday my lovely sister.


  • Wishing you joyful, cheerful and wonderful year ahead and you may get all the Success. Happy birthday sis.

Happy Birthday Quotes to Elder Sister


Here you can collect happy birthday wishes for sister and some beautiful quotes for sister to wish her remarkable happy birthday.

Share this happy birthday wishes for sister and make her day memorable and bring some smile on her face.


Our elder sister is plays an important role in our life. If you are looking for best birthday wishes for sister to wish her happy birthday.


Here are the best Birthday Wishes for Sister & Quotes list


  • You are so caring and loving , I can’t imagine life without you.


  • Dear sister, wishing you very special happy birthday and have an amazing year ahead.


  • We have share lot of memories, happiness, laughter, jealousy , anger, dreams and lot of fun together. Stay as you are my sister. Happy birthday.


  • Growing up with you was one of the beautiful moments I have in my life. Wish you happy birthday.


  • On this birthday I would like to tell you that you are my best ever sister in the world and I love you so much.


  • Sisters are not share only clothes and laugh together. They share most beautiful moments of life together. Happy birthday to my lovely sister.


  • You are the one who taught me how to live happy life in good or bad situation.


  • Thanks for being in my life, sending you lot of joy, happiness and chocolates on your special day.


  • Thank you for bringing happiness and fun in my life. Happy birthday my sister.


  • Dear sister, you inspired me in every stage of my life. On this day I wish you wonderful journey ahead.


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